HairTerminator:The naked truth – Pubic Hair Removal

Going bare down there has never been easier than with HairTerminator – a great alternative to painful and embarrassing Brazilian waxing.

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When it comes to female hair removal, more and more women, young and old, are going bare down there, encouraged by celebrities talking about it and the sheer pleasure of being smooth and HairTerminator down there. Here are 7 good reasons to do it:

◆Being smooth and bare is much more erotic
◆It’s more hygienic, hair traps odours & sweat
◆HairTerminator makes the job safer and easier
◆Men say girls look better without pubic hair
◆Using HairTerminator prevents stubbly regrowth
◆Gets rid of and prevents ingrown pubic hair
◆HairTerminator avoids painful waxing & shaving
◆See the results and photos of an independent review of ◆HairTerminator when used to remove pubic hair

What’s “normal” in the female pubic hair removal scene has changed considerably over the last 20 years. Research suggests that pubic hair removal is increasingly the norm in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom; but has been documented as early as Ancient Egypt.

Studies of bikini hair removal in young Australian women show that almost 50% of female undergraduates remove most or all of their pubic hair. This trend is also present in men: about two-thirds of both gay and heterosexual Australian men remove pubic hair, mostly to improve perceived attractiveness Avoid ingrown pubic hair with HairTerminator HairTerminator permanent hair removal cream offers ease and comfort when removing pubic hair.
Unlike ipl hair removal and laser hair removal there is no pain. What could be more embarrassing that having as complete stranger ripping out your pubic hair when you go for a bikini wax? And if you are prone to ingrown pubic hair then HairTerminator is an effective treatment because the cream is absorbed in to the hair shaft and kills the hair root.
Other reasons cited for pubic hair removal include: possible increased skin sensitivity, perceived cleanliness, experimentation, and to please a partner. Pubic hair vs. going bare Pubic hair is an important marker of puberty, and signifies a transition toward adulthood. There’s a lot of debate about the actual function of pubic hair (cushioning, warmth, dust or bacteria catcher, pheromone transmitter), but no real conclusion.
Keeping pubic hair doesn’t have any negative effects, other than the occasional crab infestation, but many people choose to remove some or all of their pubic hair, lest their pubic hair becomes public hair!
Price of laser hair removal Laser hair removal is not a cheap option. Electrolysis hair removal is painful and involves multiple salon visits, the cost of which can mount up quickly. Waxing pubic hair warrants caution says Pam Junsay. So what about going bare?
Can a lack of pubic hair affect health? Which is the best hair removal cream for this sensitive area? Well, yes. A lack of pubic hair prevents pubic lice transmission. In fact, as removing pubic hair became more common, rates of pubic lice decreased.
So in the case of pubic lice, bare genitals win! A lack of pubic hair doesn’t, in itself, affect health in any other way. But the method of hair removal can affect health. The infectious risks of these practises, particularly among those with a weakened immune system, is often under-appreciated. Salon conditions and tools employed for removal can transmit bacterial infections.
There are many hair removal products to consider, but none offers the ease of use and long-term effects of HairTerminator No.1. And shaving can cause small skin tears (even some that are not visible) that can provide additional sites for sexually transmitted infections (STI).
A 20-year-old Australian woman with poorly controlled diabetes, for instance, had to go to hospital with life-threatening Streptococcus pyogenes and Herpes simplex infection of her genitalia following a routine Brazilian wax.
If you are going to wax, be informed! Brazilian waxing is also not recommended if you suffer from ingrown pubic hair. Even electrolysis hair removal and ipl hair removal can be fraught with risks of scarring, let alone the pain and embarrassment of a stranger tampering with your most personal of possessions.
The same goes for even the best salon laser hair removal treatment. HairTerminator is safe to use on the skin surrounding your vagina but not, of course, on any sensitive membrane areas. With HairTerminator you have a natural long-term hair removal method that is safe easy to use at home rather than in the hands of a complete stranger, however skilled he or she may be. So why not enjoy a ‘smooth as silk’ sex experience.
Try HairTerminator for you and your partner.

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