How to use hair removal cream?

Here is the instructions:
1. Put the protection glove on and make sure the skin, that you want to treat, is dry.
2. Apply the cream on dry skin outside of shower. Dispense cream onto the smooth side of the sponge and cover unwanted hair with an even, thick layer of cream without rubbing it in
3. Wait at least 5 mins (for legs) before removing the cream
4. Wipe using the bumpy side of the sponge with a circular motion.

There are three main stages that consumers go through as they use the cream – applying, wiping, and rinsing.

Apply. Make sure the skin is dry and put on the protective gloves. Get the cream on the included sponge, and apply a thick area over the part of the body that needs hair removal.
Wipe. Once the remedy has been on for 5-7 minutes, wipe off the cream with the included spatula. If the user is treating a more sensitive area, like the underarms or bikini line, the cream only needs to rest for 2 minutes before removal.
Rinse. After the entire hair removal session is complete, rinse the skin completely to remove any residue, and pat it with a towel until dry.
The treatment is meant for normal skin types, and is ready to use from the moment you open the package.

+ Duration for removing hair on :
– Legs (works in 5 minutes)
– Arms (works in 2 minutes)
– Underarms (works in 2 minutes)
– Bikini line area (works in 2 minutes)
+ Not shave or use a hair removal cream in the same area for 72 hours after use
+ Don’t worry if your skin is a little red or itchy after use–that’s normal

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