Male hair removal – Clinical results of using HairTerminator

Five o’clock shadow – Some men aim to eliminate it, others strive for it. If you want to reduce hair growth on your face these clinical results will show what can be achieved with HairTerminator

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Now it’s never been so easy for men to achieve successful hair removal – and in the privacy of your own bedroom!

HairTerminator is the only product to reduce unwanted male facial and body hair by removing hair deep beneath the dermis layer and neutralizing the follicle to hide any signs of strong androgen-driven hair growth.

Clinical trial of 68 participants demonstrates the progressive effects of HairTerminator permanaent hair removal cream when applied to male beard growth

This 25x photo shows five days growth of thick male beard hair at the start of a clinical trial of 68 male participants

HairTerminator (11)

After two applications a dramatic thinning of hair can be observed on this five day beard growt

HairTerminator (8)

After four applications a dramatic thinning of hair, combined with slower regrowth is seen on this five day beard.

HairTerminator (9)

At the end of the clinical trial, 6 applications have been applied at weekly intervals. This has almost completely halted hair growth. Continuation of the treatment cleared the remaining few hairs

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To see how HairTerminator works check this link:

Male hair removal – gender based differences in male hair structure.
Long-term hair removal for men presents different challenges.

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We are concious about our hair and latest hair styles but many of us are not aware of gender based hair differences.

Male and female hair grows at different rates and in different ways. HairTerminator No.1 has been formulated to balance the requirements of both male and female users with the same objective – to be free from unwanted hair and avoid the task of regular hair removal.


is greater on men than women due to hormonal differences, therefore requiring slightly thicker coverage of HairTerminator.


of body hair in men is approximately 20% less than women although regular shaving increases growth rate of facial hair.


are a bigger problem for men due to regular shaving. HairTerminator helps eliminate ingrown hairs on and below the skin surface layer.


is coarser, darker and longer. Men have more terminal hair to remove than women, notably on the chest and back.


is fine, soft and short. Men have fewer vellus hairs on their body than women and are less concerned about removing them.

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