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As tedious as it may be to some guys, proper manscaping habits are an essential part of everyday life. But it’s not all bad. We’re aiming to make your bathroom time as quick and easy as possible — while still getting the job done right. To do so, we’ve rounded up the best hair removal products — from the industry’s top trimmers and shavers to the best old school straight razors and even wax — but don’t worry, it’s really not as scary as it sounds. With a little know-how, you’ll be well on your way to a pain-free, hassle-free grooming routine.

Don’t believe us? Here you’ll find the easiest (and most painless) ways to get rid of everything, from your unibrow and five o’clock shadow to your hair down there and beyond. Plus, we’ve got the surveys to prove how the ladies really feel about your grooming habits and what you need to do to shorten the amount of time you spend manscaping while still reaping the benefits of well maintained body hair.

We’re always on the look out for the latest grooming trends, from the red carpet to the barber’s chair so be sure to check back for inspiration and manscaping life hacks — like how to tweeze your stray eyebrow hairs as incognito as possible or what to do when your girl suggests you get your back waxed.

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Body Hair Dos & Don’ts

Don’t Even Think About Shaving Any Body Hair Without Reading This First

March 22, 2017



How furry are you? Manscaping is personal preference. Maybe you’ve asked her, maybe you’ve polled a bunch of hers. In any case, I think we can all agree that right now shaving down your entire body isn’t exactly in style. Facial hair is still having a moment and chances are if she likes your beard or scruff she won’t be into an ultra-bare chest or anything else for that matter. That’s not to say if you’re a clean-shaven dude you should match your face with a head-to-toe waxing. There are degrees to pruning and in some situations your body hair requires more attention.

So if you need guidance on whether to go natural or head for the trimmer, we’ve laid it out in a handy guide, using two classic hairy guys to help spread the message. So read through the situations below. If it’s Mr. Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan, go for it! If it’s Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck, then for the love of God don’t do it!

You’re An Athlete, And Want To Shave Your Body

If you swim, run or bike there are actual performance benefits that come with playing it smooth. Shave with a purpose. According to “There are different motives for removing body hair, depending on the sport. Athletic performance benefits may result. Ease of treating injury is another possibility. Aesthetic motive can also play a role. Every sport has a different reason. Swimmers, cyclists and runners provide good examples.”

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If you’re planning on doing it, here’s how you should. First block out some time and be prepared to go slow, real slow. Shaving down your entire body takes time. And you certainly don’t want to nick or cut a vital organ. And yes, we mean that vital organ. Grab an electric trimmer and trim your entire body down to stubble including your back. Next, grab shaving cream and a razor with a fresh blade. Shave against the direction of the hair growth. Sometimes it’s easier to take a body part at a time while in the shower. One day shave your chest, the next your legs. Rinse with cool water to close the pores. 

May We Recommend… Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

Seeing how in-depth the shaving process can be for athletic types, this calls for a grooming tool with all the bells and whistles right out of the package. Lucky for you, Gillette offers a kickass option at nearly a fraction of what most top electric shavers run for on the market. This 3-in-1-body groomer comes with the necessary attachments to achieve a complete shave and trim from scratch. Just follow the protocol.
$19.92 at

You Want To Shave Your Armpits

Women expect to see hair beneath a man’s arms. It’s probably not going to be the first thing she notices, but she’ll eventually realize that you have no hair under your arms and she’s bound to question your masculinity because of it. So, unless you’re a male model, keep some hair under there.

You Want To Trim Your Armpits

This doesn’t mean that you should let your armpit hair turn into an unkempt jungle, though. Keep your underarm hair trimmed to a reasonable length. It will not only look better this way, but you might notice that you’ll sweat less and therefore smell better. You don’t have to do this, mind you, but we’ll let you take a pass if you don’t

May We Recommend… Philips Norelco BG2020 BodyGroom

Contoured trimming is hard to execute unless you have the right trimmer. Philips specially designed this one to tame that forest growing underneath your pits, as well as other body parts. Its ergonomic design provides enough flexibility to hold while in the shower and trim across hard to reach spots. Multiple length settings offer enough leverage to mow through all hair lengths, plus its stainless steel blades will warrant you years of usage.
$68.99 at

You’re Shaving Before A Tattoo

You’re going to hear debate on this one, so we went to an authority and had Rocky Rakovic, editor of Inked give us his take:

“While you might think it wise to shave the area where you are getting tattooed before a session—don’t! The tattoo artist or his assistant will take care of that right before the needle hits your skin ensuring that the area has the closest shave possible. If you know that you will be getting tattooed on a swath of skin that you normally shave, let the hair grow there for a few days prior to your appointment (if Frida Kahlo could do it so can you, champ) as it is easier to make a clean cut through longer (softer) hair than (rough) stubble.

Remember that a tattoo is an open wound so you shouldn’t shave or use hair removal creams on the area until it is completely healed—it might feel like running a cheese grater over sun-blistered skin, and could ruin the Lana Del Ray lyrics that you just inked on your body—about two-three weeks after the session. To know that your tattoo is healed, other than the ‘eye test,’ close your peepers and run your finger over the area, if it doesn’t feel like braille or if you can’t discern where the tattoo is from touch then you are fully healed. Do you know someone nice enough to touch you? Use their finger as your mind and body knows where the tattoo lays.  

Pro-tip: Because you shouldn’t mess with a tattoo at all, save applying aftercare lotions, ask the tattoo artist to shave more than just where the tattoo will sit so that when you reapply tape to the area during the healing process it doesn’t look like they shot the waxing scene of the 40-Year Old Virgin in your bathroom waste bin.”

You Want To Trim Your Chest Hair

Chest hair, when trimmed and tamed, is a big yes and super masculine. Think Sean Connery, Tom Selleck, Wolverine for god’s sake! An electric trimmer can get the job done. Start with the longest setting and prune your way down to the desired length and thickness. Back and shoulder hair is always a big no. The back is probably the least painful body part to wax.  Waxing will allow you to go the longest between visits and deliver the best results. If you’ve never tried, here is what to expect.

The aesthetician will prep the hair with baby powder to dry up any moisture and oil. Next they will take strip wax that is actually attached to paper (cheaper) or apply hot wax (gentler) with a spatula in the direction the hair grows. Fabric is stuck onto the wax and quickly pulled against the growth. Try taking two aspirin before your first visit. It will get easier and less painful each time you go and the results will be worth it. Still scared?

May We Recommend… Braun Cruzer 6 Body Shaver

Braun built this body shaver with comfort in mind, integrating a sensitive comb to tackle delicate regions on the upper body. The trimmer component of the Cruzer 6 features small trimming teeth, about one millimeter long, and perfect for executing close and clean trims without ripping out your chest fur. An oval blue thumb grip and hard-ribbed grip ensure tight handling with each stroke.
$25.27 at

You Want A Brazilian

It might be OK once in a while for something different, but a man who constantly removes every hair from his genital area will be seen by women as either sex-obsessed or incredibly vain.

Ok, but let’s say you really want to. Who are we to tell you no? If you’re going to, there are actually some benefits. Cleaning up your boys is more sanitary and actually creates the illusion that your bits are well, a bit bigger. Shaving, waxing and sugaring can all get the job done. If shaving with a traditional blade, pull the skin as tight as possible, take your time and don’t be afraid to use an aftershave balm when you’re through. If waxing, be sure to use hot wax and not strip wax. Be very specific with your lingo before going in for this service. Let the aesthetician know exactly where you would still like to see hair or just go bold, er… bald and request a “Boyzilian”. Hair raising indeed!

You’re Getting Rid Of Shoulder And Back Hair

Most women agree that hair on your back or shoulders is unsightly at best. There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason why she’ll run her fingers wantonly through your chest hair and recoil disgustedly at your back hair — that’s just the way it is. Do yourself a favor and get rid of all the hair back there.

May We Recommend… Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

The grizzly bear look was never considered a sexy one. Give her all the reason to stay by investing in this extended body trimmer. The Ultimate Pro Back Shaver provides enough long reach to cut stubborn back and shoulder hair without transforming you into a contortionist. Two attachable shaving heads with hypoallergenic blades protect skin from irritants as well. Activate the Power Burst button and sheer through the thickest hairs like a knife through hot butter.
$49.99 at

You Want To Shave Patterns

Unless it’s for the purposes of a joke and is going to be immediately shaved after the laughter dies down, men should never shave any of their hair into patterns of any kind. This applies especially to pubic hair. You don’t need to point your woman in the right direction with arrows, triangles or lightning bolts shaved into your pubes. She knows where she’s going. A simple undisturbed treasure trail will do if you really want to orient her to the right body part.

You Want It Trimmed Down There

Just as you appreciate a clean field of play when you go down on your girl, so will she be pleased to see a well-groomed area around your genitals. Anything that will make her more willing and enthusiastic to visit your nether regions should be done consistently. So keep it neatly trimmed down there. Keeping your pubic hair under control also helps to make you look bigger and controls unpleasant odors.

May We Recommend… Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100

Our editor’s pick for best body hair trimmer remains the best of the best in manscaping gadgetry. One the top is a 3D pivoting foil shaving head that moves smoothly across the any shaving surface, offering great navigation and security on your balls. Five different settings are accessible to cut through different hair textures. At the bottom is a built-in trimmer to perform some weed whacking down below before setting the foil on your sack.
$59.95 at

What Women Want

It’s not necessary to base all your grooming choices on what women will think, of course (feel free to shave your balls if it feels good to you), but since women are the ones you want to see you naked, you should at least take their opinions into account when you reach for your razor. Even if you do make a grooming faux pas and your girlfriend can’t look at you without laughing, remember that hair grows back and you’ll get back to normal soon.

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Best Hair Products For Men

These Killer Hair Products Belong In Every Man’s Bathroom Cabinet

March 20, 2017



Men’s hairstyles continually evolve with new trends, and with each trend comes a slew of new hair products. Just like the shoes and clothes you wear, the way you style your hair says a lot about your sense of fashion and personality. 

That said, even if you crave a new look, sometimes change is intimidating. Kind of like shaving off a hard-earned beard can be off-putting, letting your short locks grow out can feel somewhat disorienting — and with reason! Your look, to some extent, dictates who you are. So before you decide on your next hair move, read on to find out what these hair products can do for you. These products each form distinct textures and styles for various hair types, which might be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you need. 

We’ve combed through the best hair products out there. From the luxury brand names to the cream of the drug store crop, good hair products for men can be found at all levels of the hair-product stratum. It’s also why lists like this one are great guides – just like in choosing the best beard trimmers or the best electric shavers – to know where to start in donning that new hairstyle you’ve been wanting to try. 


A clever blend of wax and oil, a good pomade will help you achieve the classic look made popular by Leonardo DiCaprio (think The Great Gatsby) and Mad Men’s Don Draper. Pomades are primarily used to bless hair with extra shine and softer texture, which makes them especially great for curly hair. When choosing a pomade, look for one that’s water-based so it’s easy to wash out. 

How To Use: Using your fingers, spread a small amount of pomade to the areas that need a little extra shaping or texture. Be careful not to use too much to avoid your hair looking greasy.

Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade (Best Pomade)

A brand defined by barbers for barbers, Imperial produces one of the strongest water-based products out there. With the ability to adapt to wet or dry hair, groomists can style their locks effortlessly—whether that means fresh out of the shower styling or a post-workday refresh. Enjoy semi-sheen with clean rinsability.
$14.50 at

Murray’s Original Pomade

From a company who clearly cherishes brand value, Murray’s Original Pomade is simple and modest, yet has earned itself a devout celebrity fan club. With this number, you can forget about the extra bells and whistles, but you can count on it as a veritable workhorse in your dopp kit. 
$5.80 at

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

Perfectly water-soluble, this product is particularly popular among those who rock the slickback, the pompadour or other timeless styles. It features a strong hold, and a medium shine that doesn’t dry up and flake.
$18.00 at

Putties and Clay

Wax’s cousins, putties and clay, can be used in much the same way as any strong-holding matte product. These are great for accomplishing the messiest-looking hairdos with pretty much any hair type, and can even help add thickness to naturally thin manes. Clays and company will create defined strands and a pliable texture that won’t give itself away with any shine. 

How To Use: Like wax, use your fingers to texture and tousle the areas that you want to style. Clay isn’t sticky, but it can leave a gummy residue in your hair and on your hands if you use too much.

Baxter of California Clay Pomade

A perfect halfway point between pomade and putty, this award-winning (Men’s Health Best Styling Product, and Reader’s Digest Best Wax) lemon and sage-scented clay from Baxter of California is a great option for anyone needing control of their hair. It boasts natural ingredients, like real clay and beeswax, a strong hold with a no-shine finish, while it creates natural-looking shapes.
$22.00 at

Lock Stock & Barrel 85 Karats Shaping Clay

Clays are great for adding volume and texture to any style, and this one from Lock Stock & Barrel is a perfect example. Especially great on shorter cuts for locking in those stubborn short hairs, it can be used on damp or dry hair. It can also be reapplied or reshaped throughout the day by simply working it with your fingers.
$15.99 at

Detroit Grooming Co. Putty

One of the most reliable tools out there, Detroit Grooming Company’s pomade offers a lasting yet low maintenance style. Scented with lemon and bergamot, this is the putty you’re going to want to add to your styling routine.
$17.95 at


For the most natural look, a quality cream will simply add a touch of shine and lustre for a healthy-looking head of hair. Perfect for wavy, curly, and longer locks, cream is a great grooming product that can help eradicate frizziness when used on wet hair. Compared to stiff wax or heavy gel, creams offer a light texture, which can also help soften coarse hair. For inspiration, you can look to Brad Pitt in The Counselor or World War Z.

How To Use: Creams can be used as a main or finishing product. Start by distributing a small amount from your hands to your hair, and re-apply as needed. For those with longer hair, you can concentrate on treating the ends to help diminish dead-end frizziness. 

Fellow Barber Styling Cream

Here’s the trick to mastering the messy look. Fellow Barber’s ultra-light hold and under-the-radar shine lends it a finish that kind of reads party-meets-boardroom. This one is definitely in our top picks.
$22.00 at

Paul Mitchell Shaping Cream

Tea tree is one of the foremost ingredients in men’s hair products – it’s natural and cleansing. Designed to give your hair ample texture and definition, this tea tree cream dries matte so that your hair looks as natural as possible. Its soft wax makes for easy styling. 
$19.40 at

Baxter of California Grooming Cream

Functional on numerous styling fronts, Baxter’s lightweight hair treatment conveys manageability and overall conditioning better than most products in its class. It’s formulated for fine/thinning hair with a rich ingredient list that allows it to tame wavy/curly hair as well. Rely on a trio of essential oils—grapeseed, jojoba, and sunflower—to aid in hydration and follicle repair.
$20.00 at


This versatile product can help you achieve great hairstyles, from relaxed bed-head to more controlled looks. Good for short to mid-length hair, wax can deliver long-holding style, without adding grease or looking shiny. As your day progresses, hair wax will allow you to reshape and restyle accordingly, without getting your hands sticky. As long as it is evenly distributed, wax can lend you an effortlessly roguish look. 

How To Use: Shake the bottle. Dispense a small amount in one hand and apply to your hair with both hands. Style your hair to your liking and blow dry for maximum hold.

Uppercut Featherweight Pliable Paste

For easy, messy hair, this medium-hold wax from Uppercut will do the trick. The wax is light, so you don’t have to worry about it hardening, and it has a dry, matte finish, so you don’t have to worry about looking like you’ve got gunk in your hair. 
$17.99 at

V76 V Rated Natural Wax

Applicable on dry hair, this offering suits the tousled medium look warranting medium hold and low shine. It’s praised for not melting on your scalp throughout the day, earning users carefully “careless shape, sheen, and separation” with natural movement. Slickness is another area where the product excels leaving no stray hairs present.
$21.00 at

Blind Barber 60 Proof Hair Wax

This nutrient-rich styler comes blended with hops to condition the scalp and prevent hair fall, along with moisturizing additives to easily manipulate the wax when spread across. Enjoy a matte finish with a light hold created by nothing more than a dime size dollop scooped in-hand. All hair types apply.
$59.96 at


Good for thick hair, gel’s primary function is to keep hair in place. Hair gel can be used to attain some of the most old-school looks, like the ones sported by Elvis, or John Travolta in Grease. Slick and stiff, it can be applied to wet or dry hair for different effects. Gel tends to make hair shiny, which is probably what has earned its reputation as the modern day hair grease.
If you’re happy with keeping the same look from dawn until dusk, gel will deliver exactly that. That said, you might want to consider a different option if you’re prone to running your fingers through your hair. Once dried in position, gel can break from its shape, or flake, if meddled with.

How To Use: Start with a small coin-sized portion of gel in your hands. Apply to wet or dry hair, and style as usual. You can use a blow dryer for maximum hold or let it dry naturally (it will look shinier). As previously mentioned, refrain from retouching once the gel is dry to avoid flaking. 

Kerastase Homme Sculpting Gel

The star of this category, this sculpting gel from Kerastase is great for creating a denser head of hair, without feeling heavy or greasy. It’s also water-soluble for easy removal.
$32.24 at

Redken For Men Stand Tough Extreme Gel

Not many gels can earn strong reviews backed by a colossal 5-star rating (83%) on Amazon. Then again, that’s quite normal for any Redken personal care product. Its extra strong gel falls in line showcasing maximum stay power that comes third to its definition and shaping capabilities. Curly types should find solace in freezing their frizz in place when out and about.
$14.79 at

Dove Men Care Control Gel

Adapted for stylish purposes, Dove’s translucent gel gives the appearance of thicker, stronger hair with smooth texture application. The caffeine-infused substance resurrects flat and thin manes by keeping hair defined and smooth, leaving no grease or residue behind. One quick pass-through with a comb and create a bold look, on a budget at that.
$5.12 at


Mousse really isn’t our favorite kind of hair product, mainly because it’s annoying to use (it’s foamy in the hands and feels crunchy when it dries) and because you can accomplish similar, easier effects with other types of hair products. That said, there are a few good mousse options out there and it can be used fairly successfully on thin hair. Especially when used in combination with a blow dryer, mousse can lend extra volume. 

How to use: Use when hair is damp, starting at the roots of your hair. Style as usual, and let dry naturally or with a blow dryer.

Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam

Not strictly speaking a mousse, Aveda’s styling foam is a great product to use against thin, flat hair — also it’s easy to apply. Made from natural ingredients, one will never worry over chemicals often found in other mousse alternatives (stay away from anything that comes in an aerosol can). Build volume and keep hair detangled.
$21.00 at

Giovanni Natural Mousse Air-Turbo Charged Hair Styling Foam

Give your follicles a botanical spritz with this nutrient-filled mousse. Distribution is slick across the head despite having a heavy texture, but that’s simply an attribute that aids in the product’s super-strong hold. Its neutral scent also kills any metrosexual notions normally associated with unisex mousses.
$42.00 at

Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse

If high-end haircare is the lane you rid, then by all means splurge on a premium styling foam designed to hydrate and texturize your locks. Oribe employs its signature complex of watermelon, lychee, and edelweiss flower extracts that protects you from damage and color-depleting effects caused by environmental elements.
$29.15 at


Ideal for all hair lengths, paste bears a thicker consistency than most other styling products, yet is known to provide hair a medium to strong hold. Other notable attributes include a natural matte finish and touch of shine. They come water-based, can easily be rinsed out, and lastly, give you more control of hair placement. 

How to use: Normally thicker hair paste requires some heating before application. However, rubbing it together softens the composition for balanced distribution. Once styled it will cool into hair and re-thicken, therefore holding your hairstyle in place.

Kevin Murphy Night Rider Matte Texture Paste

Not strictly speaking a mousse, Aveda’s styling foam is a great product to use against thin, flat hair — also it’s easy to apply. Made from natural ingredients, one will never worry over chemicals often found in other mousse alternatives (stay away from anything that comes in an aerosol can). Build volume and keep hair detangled.

Fellow Barber Texture Paste

Much like its styling cream, Fellow Barber’s hair plaster is potent enough to nourish your entire crown landscape. It’s a product that adapts to your grooming tendencies over time, offering resilient texture and shaping the more you use it. A light amount is enough to control waves, whereas a heavier dose puts coarse hair in its place.
$21.90 at

Axe Messy Look Flexible Paste

A hot seller amongst urbanites, Axe’s hairstyling fix solves the walk-of-shame look with a flexible hold and polished texture that lifts your spirits when rushing out the door. Instantly reshape and relax hair with just a smidge off the top of the tin can. Hints of coconut are a nice touch. Incorporate with the brand’s haircare regimen (we recommend the 2-in-1 Adrenaline Deep Clean Shampoo & Conditoner) for maximum performance.
$6.45 at

Which Hair Product Is Right For You?

Hopefully, you’ll find a product that best reflects your hair and style needs. Just remember: Whatever product you opt for, make sure it contains no alcohol, and try to find products with UV sunscreen protection and moisturizing characteristics to maintain healthy hair.

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Best Beard Trimmers

Rock The Best Beard In Town Thanks To These Trimmers

March 20, 2017



Beards are an all-season trend embraced by men of all ages and backgrounds. Growing one to fit in with the pseudo-millennial (a.k.a. urban lumberjack) or mature crowd is easy. Controlling it is a whole different beast. Ideally, you want to keep it neat and trimmed. The only true way of accomplishing this is by practicing proper beard maintenance, which requires commitment and the right grooming tool: a beard trimmer.

Body hair is closely linked with your image and, to some extent, reflects your personality. But maintaining the shape and look of your beard is more than just pretension. And before even considering a beard trimmer, you need to determine what its main purpose(s) will be. Is it for perfecting the 5 o’clock shadow or transforming yourself into a real-life Rick Grimes? Preserving skin? Manscaping? Every man should know the importance of trimming facial hair, for while most of the benefits are complementary to one’s appearance, the hindrances can ruin one’s image. Examples:

  • Facial hair is prone to creating flaky skin and can make it more visible, sticking to your beard over time
  • More hair = more skin irritation
  • Microbiologists determined in tests that beards “contained a lot of normal bacteria, but some were comparable to toilets” Skin underneath the beard can build oil and lead to acne, along with other skin conditions

Stumbling on the right model best equipped for your facial profile takes a bit of research, and it’s generally a matter of mixing and matching the features you want most at the price you’re willing to pay. And, like every great grooming product that comes along, there are several deciding factors — pros and cons — when choosing a trimmer to care for your beard.

  • Build quality: The goal is to own a trimmer designed for longevity. Any model made from stainless steel from the body to the blades will get you there, plus one with solid grip control.
  • Cord or cordless: Some traditionalists prefer the extra horsepower and infinite juice that comes from being plugged into a power outlet, while others enjoy the portability and convenience of a wireless model.
  • Dry vs. wet trimming: Each offers it own benefits. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt having the luxury of tinkering between methods.
  • Length settings: Short, medium, or long? Duck dynasty or stubble? A trimmer with different length options can help you achieve the look you want.
  • Versatility: Pop-up ear trimmer. Turbo-trimming modes. Vacuum system. Extra features only add more value to your trimming experience.

So if you’re ready to fade that crumb dumpster, line up your best beard oils as we break down the best beard trimmers available right now.

Beard Trimmers

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7200

Best For: Clean and neat trimming
What you should know: The blades come “maintenance-ready” and no oiling is required…at least for a few months
The verdict: Super stylish, super powerful, the Norelco 7200 remains a grooming staple. A specially designed vacuum system captures recently liberated hair in the handle of the unit for quick and easy disposal, keeping your floor and wardrobe looking fresh. The contour head attachment works flawlessly in personalizing beard styles, gliding gently across the face to reach every area and preventing the trimmer from tugging hair to avoid inflammation. Plus it protects the self-sharpening blades, to keep the base working efficiently without any oil tune-ups. Adding to its finesse is the turbo button feature, speeding up the blades and fan to cut through thicker hair with faster precision. Up to 18 full-length settings are afforded to you, starting at 1mm and going up to 18mm for modern day Vikings. Great battery power is another feature of this trimmer, with a single charge generating up to an hour of wireless use.
$59.99 at

Braun BT5090 Beard Trimmer

Best For: Beard styling
What you should know: The dual-battery system keeps power constant for instant trimming
The verdict: One of the newer models on the scene, Braun’s newcomer boasts a gorgeous, slim frame and premium look that can easily be mistaken for one of the company’s award-winning electric shavers. The brand forged two Clock & Lock trimming combs that support 25 precise settings for 4x more precise trimming results. There’s enough room provided between the comb and blades to give you the length you desire, with the lowest setting getting you that three-day hipster scruff look. Trimming at the highest setting delivers great shape to a bushy beard. Maintenance is simple: rinsing the blades under running water removes debris and hair effortlessly. Battery life remains its greatest attribute, as the device boasts a special dual-battery system that musters enough juice for one trim from a mere 5-minute quick charge. One hour equates to 50 minutes of cordless action. The Slide and Style feature comes in handy for styling edges too.
$49.32 at

Wahl Lithium Ion All-In-One

Best For: Long-term trimming
What you should know: Its battery holds a charge up to 10x longer than most other trimmers
The verdict: For the groomist who constantly forgets to charge his electronics, Wahl’s strong, durable stainless steel offering has enough battery life — four hours of run time at that — to get you through several shaves without being attached to a power cord. Yet despite carrying a lower MSRP than the competition, its precision factor is proof the trimmer can compete with some of the higher-priced models on the market. The lightweight profile has enough girth to maintain good grip for passing through coarse hair, whereas the smaller cutter gives leeway to attack tight corners. Reviewers claim the blades work remarkably well on both beards and mustaches. Much of the accessories that come bundled with the Lithium Ion aid in providing the trim you need; these includes four options: a detail shaver, ear and nose detailer, and T-blade heads. Clip-on trimmer guides supply even more options, for up to 17 different trimmer lengths.
$34.57 at


Best For: Travel grooming
What you should know: It’s limited to dry trimming
The verdict: For the frequent flyer needing to tidy up his moneymaker in between connecting flights or Skype conference calls, this wireless trimmer packs enough power in a compact design to command hair trimming anywhere. The TRYM II comes operational straight out of the box, though users can get it fully charged in 8 hours, with one charge lasting several weeks. A dynamic motor combined with professional-grade blades ensures smooth pass-throughs across rough patches, creating a more comfortable and safe trim. One can’t help but admire the modern design that borrows inspiration from past iPhones with a streamlined appearance highlighted by a black and silver colorway. Many of the attachments are well built and easily lock into place. No wiggle present. It’s also worth noting good customer service on the product is, with several buyers raving over the immediate assistance they’ve received, be it part replacements or technical support.
$29.99 at

Philips Norelco OneBlade

Best For: Multi-purpose grooming
What you should know: The blades last up to four months on two shaves per week
The verdict: A multi-directional blade system with both shaving and trimming properties, the OneBlade was built to meet every facial styling need. It doesn’t match the look of a premium clipper. Guess the same can be said about the motor. Yet performance proves otherwise. It’s through the use of comb attachments (1mm, 3mm or 5mm) that the machine effectively tackles stubble length. Philips shaving technology excels at a superior level, with a moving cutter that moves at two hundred times per second. Translation: It cuts quickly through long beard hair and not so closely to the face. A dual-protection system guarantees sleek execution, preventing any hairs from being caught in the blade. Shorten your extended goatee for the imperial look or use the razor itself to enjoy a comforting shave. Bring it into the shower for a nice wet trim or pack it in your dopp kit for a grooming quickie at the office.
$34.95 at

Remington The Crafter Kit

Best For: Detailed trimming
What you should know: The extended neck increases maneuverability around the face
The verdict: Beard, mustache or goatee — Remington’s latest mechanical buzzer gives forth powerful trimming with a host of unique features to appease the style-conscious gent. An adjustable comb with ten lock-in settings to work on hair lengths, whereas the extended neck easily glides across the face and neck. The special Turbo Mode is engineered for precision and speed, mowing through the thickest strands without any tugging. Touch-ups around the check area work well courtesy of the foil shaver. The Crafter also comes bundled with a wide range of accessories that empower versatility, including five combs, adjustable comb, nose/ear/eye trimmer, storage pouch and more. Every component of the trimmer is easily cleanable for quick use, for its complete waterproof design makes it incredibly easier to rinse off and the perfect shower companion. Get up to 180 minutes of run time on a full charge, with a 5-minute quick charge mechanism to speed things up.
$84.95 at

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer

Best For: Stubble control
What you should know: Blades should be oiled before every use
The verdict: A mainstay at barbershops and saloons, Andis applies its iconic shaving pedigree to the T-Outliner, which — like the company’s heritage in grooming — is hard to match. Anyone who’s ever owned this beauty knows it’s manufactured to last, with an indestructible shell built like a tank to take the abuse you’ll put it through over the years. Premium carbon-steel blades are specially hardened to provide longer shelf life for cutting. Adjusting the blades will create more room to personalize shaves, with a handful of consumer reviews indicating that an up-close trim leaves a “5-o’clock shadow.” The high-speed magnetic motor operates quietly and smoothly, resulting in a comfortable trim along your jawline or behind the ear. Oiling the blades before putting it to use might sound like an inconvenience; still, it’s a trivial compromise most avid groomers are willing to live with once they witness the gains in performance.
$52.20 at

Panasonic ER-GB40-S Milano

Best For: Sensitive skin types
What you should know: The masculine design complements its powerful motor
The verdict: Showering and shaving can become an ordinary aggravation unless you’re clutching onto the ER-GB40-S. A specialized water drainage system makes facial maintenance simpler, letting the trimmer be fully submersible in water. The blade system comes precision-honed to an acute 45-degree angle that simplifies the trimming routine with easier navigation and beard care. Grip control remains an underrated feature for all grooming tools. And the rubberized grip on Panasonic’s trimmer is ergonomically fit for the hand, with a balanced weight and maximum control to move across your facial hair. Motor strength is ranked lower than the competition, yet it generates enough power to evenly shape-up or stubble down the beard. You’ll discover 19 different length settings programmed to handle short and long fluff. The classic nickel-metal hybrid battery lives for about 50 minutes on a 15-hour charge, but given the available settings, it shouldn’t make for any problems.
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Rocky Mountain Hatchet Style Beard Comb

Untangling your face blanket is all part of the beard care process. In fact, the best time to do so is after applying some beard oil, and once that’s done, use this dual-sided facial comb for good measure. Contour-shaped teeth guarantee the beard receives balanced contact, and they support different hair widths, perfect for grooming difficult brush spots such as the upper and lower lip. Look at the head of the comb and discover a set of smaller teeth designed for styling your ‘stache and sideburns to precision.
$19.97 at

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Billy Jealousy Beard Control

This hybrid conditioner and styling cream tames beard hair by providing it enough hold to keep your whiskers from feeling brittle. Billy Jealousy’s formula contains a special synthetic agent called PVP that holds follicles in place, plus Aloe leaf juice for hydration and jojoba oil for shine. Squeeze a dollop into your palm and stroke the beard from top to bottom to create a softening effect that lets the trimmer blade pick up every inch.
$20.00 at

Jack Black MP10 Nourishing Oil

Winner of AskMen’s 2016 Grooming Award for Best Beard Oil, Jack Black’s facial serum combines 10 natural oils with other nourishing ingredients to moisturize and protect the beard from breakage. Its creamy texture conditions whiskers better than most other beard oils in its class, absorbing quickly to speed up the grooming process. Some even suggest the formula can double as a shaving agent. The aromatic citrusy cent is a pleasurable bonus.
$32.00 at

Wahl Hair Clipper Blade Oil

Oiling up your grooming tools is a boring task most men bypass, but it’s essential to sustaining the quality of the blades. So quit being a “guy” and grease those tiny steel cutters for the sake of your machine’s lifespan. Wahl’s special blade ointment might be specifically designed for Wahl products, but it’s rich enough to reduce dullness and friction on all other trimmers. Spread three drops on the head every few trim sessions for tip-top results.
$4.88 at

Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Face Scrub

Healthy pores allow for hair to grow faster and more naturally. This is accomplished through exfoliation. Dove makes a great, super-affordable face scrub that activates on contact to purge the skin of grime and oil. At the same time it’s designed to replenish the moisture levels of your skin during each cleanse. The light scent adds a sense of relief, something much needed after digging through the debris and knots in your beard.
$4.27 at

Mr. Natty Natty’s Face Forest Soap Beard Shampoo

Free of SLS, petrochemicals, parabens, fragrances, and preservatives — here is a beard shampoo that endorses elite whisker care with healthy ingredients to give coarse hair all-natural results. Rinse your beard of yesterday’s leftovers, while enjoying the herbaceous blend of English mint and rosemary. Shea butter is also thrown into the mix to improve shine and softness. A majority of reviews mention how the product treats irritation through consistent use — a major plus for those prone to itchiness.
$21.95 at

Beardbrand Tree Ranger Beard Softener

When the basic moisturizer fails you, rely on something more potent to get the job done. Beardbrand’s lineup of beard softeners acts as facial conditioners to give that forest on your mug healthy luster. The solution relaxes hair better than most beard care products and pairs nicely with the brand’s Reader’s Choice-awarded Tea Tree Beard Oil. Apply it one to two times a week and watch your trimmer smoothly chop down that bush.
$27.00 at

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