Pocket Square Two Point Fold | How To Fold Pocket Squares

What makes for a stylish outfit? First you’d want a classic suit & tie… Some polished oxford shoes… An elegant watch… Maybe a fresh haircut too. Anything missing? Yes. There’s another item that’ll make you extra stylish… A pocket square. It’s crisp, versatile & understated. Exactly what gets people to hand you some compliments and nods of approval. Try doing the Two Point pocket square fold and see for yourself.       There are guys who like wearing pocket squares and can do various folds. Then there are guys who are the opposite – they don’t see the value of having one in their jacket pocket. They’re a bit cautious about drawing attention “too much” attention to themselves using it. But consider this: by dressing up in a well-fitted suit, blazer or sports jacket…you’re naturally going to stand out stylishly. And that’s a good thing! It comes with many advantages because you people will think more highly of you. So in terms of grabbing attention, a nice pocket square fold kicks it up a notch.
Pocket squares help you have a sharper and classier appearance. If you’re dressing up for formal events like a job interview or a meeting with investors – where first impressions matter a lot – you might want to try the Presidential pocket square fold. But let’s say you’ve just got a typical day at the office. Or maybe you’re heading for a nice dinner in town with your wife. You’ll put on a nice suit or sports jacket without a tie (unless the dress code requires it). Why not spruce it up with a perfectly folded pocket square that’s less formal? Cue in the Two Point pocket square fold. pocket-square-two-point-fold-img Profile of the Two Point fold:
  • Has two triangular points that will stick out of the breast pocket
  • You can wear it with suits, sports jackets, blazers, and everything in between
  • Perfect for business, semi-formal, and informal events
  • Works fine with both solid or patterned pockets squares
Doing this type of fold is quick and easier than it looks. That’s the reason why busy men would particularly find it quite useful. The instructions are shown below.

Pocket Square Two-Point Fold – Step #1

Get your pocket square of choice and have it fully unfolded on a flat surface. If it’s a relatively large square – you can fold it in half width-wise first, and then once more length-wise. If it’s a smaller square – move on to step 2. pocket-square-two-point-fold-step-1

Pocket Square Two-Point Fold – Step #2

Shift the position of the square so that it faces you like a diamond. You’ll need to fold it diagonally down the middle, bringing the bottom corner across to meet the top corner. Then make sure not to connect the corners completely. Angle the fold very slightly off-center. pocket-square-two-point-fold-step-2 At this point, you can see that one corner lies just to the left of the other. This will be the visible region of the pocket square once it’s placed in your pocket. So adjust the gap to make it as large or small as you’d like it to be.

Pocket Square Two-Point Fold – Step #3 / #4

At the base of the triangle, take the sides of the square and fold them both inward so that the pocket square will fit properly in your breast pocket. It’s best to fold them equally in order to keep the whole thing neat and proportional. Then flip over the square so as to expose the side without any folds. This becomes the front side of the square when it’s worn. pocket-square-two-point-fold-step-3

Pocket Square Two-Point Fold – Final Step

Now place the square in the breast pocket of your suit, blazer or sports jacket. Secure the flat bottom snugly and ensure the vertical edges are hidden. The only part visible should be those two slightly offset triangular points. Look in the mirror to check that it fits right. You don’t want it to appear too narrow or wide, too short or tall (although this is really your discretion). For less width, adjust the fold horizontally. To fix the height, adjust the fold from bottom to top. There you have it – an attractive and sharp-looking pocket square that’s ready to impress.

Pocket Square Two-Point Fold: Other Reminders

  • Pocket squares and suit/jacket breast pockets can come in multiple sizes. Try not to purchase irregular-sized pocket squares since they always require a little more effort to fit properly in your breast pocket.
  • Always do a last-minute check and see if the pocket square is partly covering the lapel of your suit/jacket. You’d rather have it tucked in behind the lapel.
  • Is it okay to pack in your luggage a pocket square that’s pre-folded like a Two Point or other type of fold? Yes. Here are some pocket square packing tips which may come in handy.
Pocket squares are a great accessory. It’s amazing when you discover how much a thin squarish piece of cloth can enhance your outfit. Do the necessary steps for the Two Point fold with precision…and you’ll be showing up not just appropriately dressed – but sharply dressed – in your future events.

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