hair terminator and hair growth suppressor work like magic

I have recently purchased this item online. I found the cream to be pleasant to use thou I use it primarily on my under arms and it does not sting/burn at all. The product is like a miracle! Even after a few days i noticed that my under arm hair was much thinner and much less growing back. As i am a yoga teacher I don’t want to be showing my hairy armpits and this is the only product that I’ve used that easy and gets rid of hair for a long time. I have since used it on my upper lip and few hairs on my chin and after six weeks the hair has not grown back. Next stop is my legs. I’m very happy with these results.


Hair grows back thinner every time

After reading lots of reviews I had to try this product. For me the skin is ok after using this, no rash or redness. The hair comes off easy and grows back thinner every time. I’m happy with the results.

-C. Standsfield

You have saved me thousands of dollars

I have received the Full Body Pack six weeks ago and have used it as your instructs told me to and I am reporting back to you that this product is like a dream come true. I have saved thousands of dollars as I was about to start a course of laser sessions at my local beauty salon. It just goes to show that it pays to shop around!

-K. Paul

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