I don’t normally leave a review but I was very impressed with this new company that I should let others know! I have had the forms for a few days and figured I should leave a review since I’m blown away!! Review below…

Order: H-cup, cotton filled, white silicone breast forms

Price: You really cannot beat the price!! These have to be some of the best value breast forms I have come across and for my cotton filled H-cup forms I paid only $102 which if you compare to other vendors you will find this is very cheap. This would be concerning except that the quality and usability of these forms exceeded my expectations by a long shot. With prices like these I definitely plan to buy a few different sizes and can easily replace at this price point!!!

Quality: Absolutely incredible!! These breast forms are fantastic quality and I was very surprised how easy they were to use! I have bought breast forms from other vendors and noticed that their silicone tears very easily. These forms have a thin silicone which alarmed me at first but after testing them I found they were alot more elastic than my other breast forms I already own. This made them a tonnnn easier to put on and take off! Another interesting thing I noticed when comparing forms is that the silicone used for these forms is alot smoother and softer compared to my other forms silicone which is thicker and has a stickier silicone. I tried putting on these forms without babypowder and had no issue at all. Without baby powder on my other forms they really stick to your skin which can be a pain. Also the silicone white skin tone matched my skintone nearly perfectly and the details on the nipples and aereolas was very realistic looking!

Packaging: The breast forms came in discrete packaging. The box in the pictures came inside an amazon box and was packaged with care. Very clean and organized when I opened the box and I felt the forms were protected well.

Customer Service: I had been in contact with customer service prior to ordering the forms to ask a variety of questions and they were very responsive and friendly! Definitely was impressed with the turnaround time on their responses as I have talked to other stores and had to wait atleast 12hrs or more for a response. This helped me feel confident that if anything went wrong with my order they would work to correct it right away.

Rating: 10/10 will be a repeat customer! Interested in checking out their silicone forms next! Will leave a review for them once I test them out. :*

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